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Hidden Codes of Life

To determine your personal codes, seven disciplines are used: Numerology, Tarot, Astrology, Colors, (Musical) Notes, Stones, and Symbols. It is only by using all seven disciplines that the individuals’ entire codes are revealed.

Let us first say that your personal codes are in no way to be considered as indicators of any possible forecast of material gains or losses on the earthly plane. Rather the hidden codes reveal your spiritual purpose on Earth. They will predominantly resonate with those individuals who have incarnated at this time in order to assist in the transformation of the world. An important point to keep in mind is like all scriptural allegory; the codes are to be interpreted on many levels.

We should also state that the codes are predicated on the premise of multiple lives and the preexistence of the soul. They are not exclusive to any one religion, but incorporate the teachings of all the great teachers from the different world religions. If you will not or cannot even consider the possibility that you may have a purpose on earth other than seeking material comfort and security, the codes will be of no benefit to you. On the other hand, if you want answers to that unrelenting nagging feeling that there may be an important, even spiritual reason for you being born at this time, then the codes can assist you.

Remembering that the codes are spiritual, the Taoist philosophy on human destiny interestingly explained the purpose of the codes most eloquently centuries ago. Lonny S. Jarrett in his book Nourishing Destiny – The Inner Tradition of Chinese Medicine encapsulates the philosophy, when he writes, “It is not destiny that a person should die estranged from true nature. In each life, a turning point arrives when we are given a glimpse of the virtue imparted by heaven. We are then granted the opportunity either to cultivate this deep inner nature or to continue following habitual patterns on the path to worldly gain and spiritual ruin.” You do not have to be religious to benefit from the codes; rather you need to conceive of the universe or matter, including human beings as vibrating energy or consciousness. It is then that the codes are a glimpse of your personal original spiritual nature.


In the supplement we used the first 4 disciplines of a fictitious man’s codes to give you an IDEA as to how the codes for any individual are compiled. Let us state that any resemblance to a real person is purely co-incidental. Our fictitious man’s name is John Everyman – middle name Paul – Born April 4th 1950 at 12:00pm in New York City.

chart for John Everyman Paul

We realize that the chart above may be a little intimidating, but it is merely a snapshot of the Codes in order for us to interpret them, and it is not necessary for you to understand the chart completely. To help your understanding of how we interpret the Codes, each component will be addressed separately, so not to worry. Although the chart includes all 7 Disciplines, we will only cover the first 4 now. Each component is listed as Red for Primary, Blue for Secondary and Green for Secret or hidden. When we say secret or hidden, we mean those aspects of the Codes, which are not obtained by traditional Astrology or Numerology. With respect to the component, the Number is the Numerological element, which is determined by not only traditional Numerology, but also the Tarot Trump associated to the Number. The trump is also how we obtain the Astrological elements and the Color.

One more thing before we proceed to the first component, we have only spoken of the Major Arcana, but as you are probably aware, there are 72 cards in a Tarot deck. The Major Arcana only consists of 22 trumps or cards, so what of the remaining 56? These 56 cards are what constitute the Minor Arcana, or Minor Mystery. The cards consist of 4 suits, wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. However, although these cards closely resemble a normal playing deck, they have one addition; as well as a king, queen and knight (jack) they add a page or princess to each suit. In the Hidden Codes, The Minor Arcana cards are linked to the Birthday, which determines the assignment of at least 4 cards. The Minor Arcana elements for John Everyman appear in Gold. As you can see the Hidden Codes are multileveled and it is important to remember that each component of the chart contributes to the overall consciousness underlying the person.

4 – 1st component – Sun Sign – Primary (row 1)

The first component is determined by traditional Astrology. To understand how Astrology works, it will help to think of space as a sheet or plane of energy, with the spheres or planets of the solar system as balls creating depressions in that sheet. As the planets or balls move around each other, their respective positions affect the sheet or plane of energy. When a baby is born into this plane of energy, as he or she crowns at birth the soft spot at the top of the head is exposed. Because a new born baby’s skull is not fully formed, exposing the soft spot in effect exposes the brain to the energies of the planets on the sheet. This is the most powerful event in a human beings life, because this imprints the brain with the propensities for this incarnation. Numerology, set the external vibrations by choosing the child’s name, Astrology imprints the inner consciousness by the positions of the planets in respect to each other. These very specific energies affect everything in the baby’s life, from personality to what career he or she will choose. Think of this as a baseline for everyday operation which is recorded in the Natal Chart.  

It may also help to visualize an imaginary circle with a newborn baby at the center of the circle. Around the baby in this imaginary circle, positioned are all the planets and constellations. This is what astrologers call a Natal Chart. They divide the chart or imaginary circle into 12 segments, which they refer to as houses. To each of these houses is assigned a sun-sign or zodiacal sign. The position of the Sun determines what sun sign the baby is born under. Each of the 12 houses rules or influences various elements of your life, such as finances and health. For example, astrologers would see the Sun positioned in the second house, the house of finances as the child having a propensity for generosity.
Let’s take a look at Mr. Everyman’s chart wheel.


To determine which sun-sign he falls under, we look for the Sun Symbol on the wheel – sun and look for the glyph which determines the sign – as you can see Mr. Everyman’s sun is designated as Aries, which is the Symbol for the sun-sign Aries. From the list above we observe that Aries falls under the Number 4 which is assigned to The Emperor, the Color Red, the planet Mars and the faculty of Reason. As stated, The Emperor is also the Archetype of Jupiter, Zeus, Yahweh or Jehovah.

7 – 2nd component – Ascendant – Primary (row 2)

Because there are only 12 sun-signs, many people have the same sun-sign. Therefore, to personalize it more, astrologers look to the Ascendant, the second primary component of your Codes. The Ascendant is calculated from the exact time you were born and is known also as your rising sign. The rising sign is the sign or constellation which is rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth. The Ascendant on the chart as you look at it, is to the far left. In Mr. Everyman’s case his rising sign is Cancer – Cancer, in which the Archetypal image is The Chariot. Cancer also represents the Number 7, the Moon and the Color Orange-Yellow. This is particularly interesting, because Aries is a fire sign; whereas Cancer is a water sign.

This in no way is saying that everything that happens is preordained. On the contrary, Astrology teaches that the happenstances and character traits a person is imprinted with at birth can be overcome or enhanced as the case may be. And so, although the Codes are not designed to forecast the future, the natal chart does show what propensities a person was born with.

Chinese Medicine, the basis of Taoism also assigns elements to the time you were born. They also assign an organ of the body. Like the Ancient Wisdom through Tarot, Taoism also uses familiar terms to represent Archetypes. Mr. Everyman was born under the element Fire and the organ Heart. This strengthens the fire element and indicates that among other things he has a warm heart.

5 – The 3rd component – Life-Path – Core Element – Primary (row 3)

Before we move on to the 3rd component something needs to be said about the term Core Energy. In traditional Numerology, the person’s main Numbers were obtained through 4 elements, to which Numerologists assigned different percentages. The most important was the Life-Path, then the Expression, followed by the Soul Urge and finally the Birthday. The 3rd component, the Life-Path is calculated by the birth date and as stated, is the first and most important element of the Core Numbers, constituting 40% of the Core Energy. Our fictitious Birth-date is April 4th 1950 which is reduced to – 4 (April fourth month) 4 (Fourth day) 6 (Year reduced to a single Number i.e., (1+9+5+0 = 15 – 1+5=6). Consequently John’s Life-Path would be written out 4+4+ (1+9+5+0 = 15 – 1+5= 6) = 14 – 1+4=5 This means he has a Life-Path of 5. Checking the list above, we see that the Number 5 is assigned to The Hierophant, the planet Venus, the Color Red-Orange and the faculty of Intuition. Traditional Numerology says that this Life-Path indicates a person with many talents. However, it warns to be careful to find a focus, because the individual may have a tendency of being a little scattered.

14 – The 4th component – Karmic Debt – Primary (row 4)

The 4th component also comes from the Life-Path, but this component can come through any of the Core Elements. A Karmic Debt occurs when a Core Number is reached through the karmic Numbers 13, 14, 15, 16 and 19. In traditional Numerology, 15 isn’t a karmic Number, but it is in the Hidden Codes. John as we said has a Karmic Debt of 14, which brings in the second row of the Tarot Tableau. According to Daphna Moore, the second row of the Tarot Tableau represents THE CHIEF LAWS OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND OF THE UNIVERSE. In traditional Numerology, a Karmic Debt in the Core Elements used to mean that you were dealing with issues from a past life. As the Codes are predicated on this being the Fullness of Time, a Karmic Debt in the Codes indicates a strong Spiritual or humanitarian purpose.

Card 14 – Temperance represents the planet Jupiter, through Sagittarius, and the Color Blue. When this card appears in someone’s Codes we see it as an important indication of their Spiritual purpose. This is because Temperance on the highest level or Archetypal level, represents Timelessness or Eternity.

4 – The 5th component – Birthday – Core Element – Primary (row 5)

The Birthday is also a Core Element but only represents 10% of the Core energy. John’s Birthday Number is 4 and is Archetypally represented by The Emperor. His birthday also represent the Number 4, Mars, the Color Red, and the faculty Reason. Energy wise, as John’s Birthday Number is the same as his traditional sun-sign, we pay more attention to it because it holds more value. Furthermore, because the Birthday Number falls between 1 and 10 one of the Sephirot on the Tree of Life is connected to his Codes. But first let’s examine the Minor Arcana aspects of John’s Codes.



Decan Card

Court card




3 of Wands

Queen of Wands


Minor Arcana elements for John Everyman

As we said, it is the Birthday that generates the Minor Arcana elements. In traditional Astrology each sun-sign is divided into 3 decans. That is also the case in Kabbalism. Each sun-sign is divided into 3 decans and assigned an individual minor card. To understand this we will reference Robert Wang’s book The QABALISTIC TAROT A TEXTBOOK OF MYSTICAL PHILOSOPHY, which has a diagram consisting of 6 concentric circles. At the very center is a circle of the Symbols for the 12 signs of the zodiac. In the next circle, the 12 signs are divided by 3 and assigned the appropriate Minor Arcana card to each of the 3rds. The appropriate card is determined by the next circle, which records the range of dates of each card. Circle 4 contains the 12 kings, queens and knights/princes of each suit; whereas, circle 5 consists of the 4 princesses/pages of each suit. Finally the outermost circle is divided into the 4 suits’ aces. In this method we can determine not only which card from 2 to 10 represents your date of birth, but also which ace, page/princess and court card you fall under.

Still because John’s birthday is between 1 and 10, as stated, he has the Archetypal energy of a Sephirot connected to his chart. The Sephirot connected to his chart is Chesed, which although assigned to the element Fire, instead of the planet Mars, represents the planet Jupiter. Remember, The Emperor is the Archetype of Jupiter, Zeus, Yahweh or Jehovah. As Chesed represents Mercy, the Fire element is tempered and instead of an out of control destructive wildfire, is the fire of active creation, bringing impetus and growth.

None – The 6th component – Karmic Debt in Birthday – Primary (row 6)

As was stated, if the Birthday Number is reached through any of the karmic Numbers 13,14,15,16 or 19 then a Karmic Debt comes into play. But as John’s Birthday doesn’t involve any of these Numbers it doesn’t apply, so we will move on to the 7th component.

8 – The 7th component – Traditional Astrology Chart – Primary (row 7)

This component takes all 13 elements of the Traditional Chart and using the sun-signs’ assignments in the Tarot gives each element a Number. Then it adds all the Numbers together and reduces the total to a single digit. For example John Everyman’s 13 elements are:

  • Ascendant – Cancer – Chariot =           7
  • Moon – Scorpio – Death =                   13
  • Sun – Aries – Emperor =                        4
  • Mercury – Aries – Emperor =                 4
  • Venus – Aquarius – Star =                   17
  • Mars – Virgo – Hermit =                          9
  • Jupiter – Aquarius – Star =                   17
  • Saturn – Virgo – Hermit =                       9
  • Uranus – Cancer – Chariot =                 7
  • Neptune – Libra – Justice =                 11
  • Pluto – Leo – Strength =                         8
  • Chiron – Capricorn – Devil =               15
  • North Node – Aries – Emperor =           4
  • TOTAL Numbers added together = 125

Reducing the total of 125 to a single digit we reach the Number 8 – 1+2+5=8
Archetypally this represents the Transformed Heart through card 8 – Strength. It also represents the Color Greenish-Yellow, and the Sun.

– The 8th component – Second Traditional Chart Trump – Secondary (row 8)

If the Traditional Chart’s Number is reached through any Number between 10 and 21, then the 8th component would come into play. However, as John’s Traditional trump Number wasn’t, then we can move on to the next component.

3 – The 9th component – Secret Life-path – Secondary (row 9)

As the next 5 components are all generated by the Secret Life-path and the Secret Chart, we will include all 5 together. But first let’s briefly explain how we arrive at the components elements. The 9th component is a secondary element in the Codes. The Secret Life-Path is created through shifting the month of birth back 2 months, i.e., instead of April 4th, the date would be February 4th. So the Secret Life-path would be 2+4+(1950 = 15 – 1+5=6) = 12 – 1+2=3. Apart from the number 3, this component generates The Empress, the Color Green, and the planet Venus. It is also the Archetypal image of the Individual Subconscious and Creative Imagination. The Empress, as we said is also the Archetype for Mother Nature.

1 – The 10th component – Secret Chart – Secondary (row 10)

Like the Traditional Chart, the Secret Chart is also calculated by assigning the elements to the relevant Tarot trumps or cards and adding the values together. However, the Secret Chart has only 11 elements. So John’s Secret chart reads.

  • Ascendant – Taurus – Hierophant =        5
  • Moon – Virgo – Hermit =                           9
  • Sun – Aquarius – Star =                          17
  • Mercury – Aquarius – Star =                   17
  • Venus – Sagittarius – Temperance =    14
  • Mars – Cancer – Chariot =                        7
  • Jupiter – Sagittarius – Temperance =   14
  • Saturn – Cancer – Chariot =                     7
  • Uranus – Taurus – Hierophant =              5
  • Neptune – Leo – Strength =                      8
  • Pluto – Gemini – Lovers =                         6
  • TOTAL Numbers added together  =  109

Reducing the total 109 to a single digit we reach the Number 1 – 1+0+9=10 – 1+0=1

Archetypally this represents the Self-conscious, Intellect, and Will through card 1 – The Magician. It also represents the Color Yellow and the planet Mercury. Because the Secret Chart’s Number 1 is reached through the Number 10, the 11th component comes into play.

10 – The 11th component – Secondary Secret Chart Trump – Secondary (row 11)

The 11th component of John’s Codes is generated through card 10 – The Wheel of Fortune. This Archetypally represents Creation and the Cycles of Evolution and Involution. It also generates the Color Violet through the planet Jupiter

17 – The 12th component – Secret Sun-sign – Secondary (row 12)

The Secret Sun-sign is self-explanatory. As we said John’s traditional sun-sign is Aries, which generates the Number 4, The Emperor, the Color Red, and Reason. So his Secret Sun-sign is Aquarius, which generates The Star, Number 17, the Color Violet, the planet Uranus, and the Archetypal image of Revelation

5 – The 13th component – Secret Ascendant – Secondary (row 13)

Applying the same procedure as the Secret Sun-sign to the Secret Ascendant, we get The Hierophant, the Number 5, the Color Red-Orange, the planet Venus, and the Archetypal consciousness image of the 1st stage of the Higher Self and the faculty of Intuition.

Having covered the 5 elements of your Secret Life-Path and Secret Chart, let’s take a brief look how these components of the Codes developed.

There is a very valuable lesson to be learned about the hidden energies in the Secret Life-Path and the Secret Chart’s elements. First it helps to understand that Aries hasn’t always been the first sign of the Zodiac, it was Aquarius. As the sign that heads up the zodiac used to be Aquarius, the question that begs to be asked is why does modern astrology place Aries in that position? The answer is the astrologers of the Roman era adjusted the zodiac to fit in with their observations. The Roman Empire rose during the Age of Aries, which extended from 2,276 B.C.E. to 136 B.C.E. Before the Romans introduced July and August in honor of Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar to the calendar, the year consisted of 10 months. That is why the last month of the year is named December, meaning the 10th month. In addition, we owe the names of the planets of the solar system to the Romans, because they renamed the Greek pantheon and assigned a planet to each main god. For instance Zeus became Jupiter and Hermes became Mercury. The Romans placed Aries at the head of the zodiac because in ancient times the year began on the Spring Equinox and as we said, the sign of Aries rose at sunrise during the rise of the Roman Empire. That is why they venerated the god of war, Ares, which they called Mars. Conversely, the Chinese New Year begins in the sign of Aquarius and astrological Chinese writings date to at least 4 thousand years ago.

The above is the exoteric or open explanation for the secret elements of Astrology; however, it is through the Secret Life-path and Secret Chart that the real benefit of the Codes is revealed. To explain, the Secret Life-path and Chart posits you being born during the 7th month of pregnancy, because it is then that you first become a potential spiritual individual. In other words, placing Aquarius at the start of the zodiac makes the 7th month of pregnancy’s energies the predominant factor. We will return to this in later stages.

6 – The 14th component – Expression – Core Element – Primary (row 14)

The 14th component brings in the second most important aspect of the Core Elements, because it constitutes 30 % of the Core Energy. John’s Expression is 6 and comes from all the letters in his first and last name: J=1 + O=6 + H=8 + N=5 + E=5 + V=4 + E=5 + R=9 + Y=7 + M=4 + A=1 + N=5. This adds up to 60, which when reduced: 6+0=6. Checking the list we see the Number 6 is Archetypally represented by The Lovers, which symbolize the 2nd Stage of the Higher Self and the faculty of Discrimination. This Expression also brings in the Color Orange and the planet Mercury, through the sun-sign Gemini.

None – The 15th component – Karmic Debt in Expression – Primary (row 15)

If the Expression number is reached through any of the karmic Numbers 13,14,15,16 or 19 then a Karmic Debt comes into play. But as John’s Expression doesn’t involve any of these Numbers it doesn’t apply, so we will move on to the 16th component.

3 – The 16th component – Soul Urge – Core Element – Primary (row 16)

The Soul Urge is a very important aspect in determining the energies surrounding the name. This is because it represents 20% of the Core Energy. The Soul Urge is derived from the vowels in all the names, including any middle names. These are then reduced to a single digit. John Paul Everyman’s vowels are O=6+ A=1+ U=3+ E=5 + E=5 + A=1 – This adds up to 21, which reduces to 3 - 2 + 1 = 3. This is represented by the same Archetypal image as his Secret Life-path, The Empress. Again, it is important to remember that The Empress is the Archetype of Mother Nature.

None – The 17th component – Karmic Debt in Soul Urge – Primary (row 17)

Although John’s Soul Urge is not reached through any of the karmic Numbers 13,14,15,16 or 19 there is another trump or card connected to this component. Because the 3 is reached through 21, card 21’s energies become relevant. Again, checking the list we observe that card 21 is The World, which Archetypally represents the Union of Opposites. It also brings in the Saturn vibration and the Color Indigo.

8 – The 18th component – Secret Self – Core Element – Primary (row 18)

As stated, ordinarily in traditional Numerology only 4 elements are considered important factors. Nonetheless, because of the Archetypal meaning of the Hebrew letters, which are assigned to the 22 cards or trumps of the Tarot’s Major Arcana, the consonants of the name are of vital importance in the codes. This is because the consonants of the name give you the Secret Self. John Paul Everyman’s Secret Self is determined using the same process as above, only as we said just the consonants; i.e. J=1 H=8 N=5 P=7+ L=3+ V=4+ R=9 +Y=7+ M=4 +N=5 = 53. Again this Number needs to be further reduced to a single digit 5+3=8. This equates to trump or card Number 8, Strength, the same as the Traditional Chart.

None – The 19th component – Karmic Debt in Secret Self – Primary (row 19)

Because John’s Secret Self doesn’t involve any of the karmic Numbers we will move on to the 20th component.

8 – The 20th component – Total Number – Primary (row 20)

The final primary component is calculated through all 5 Core elements added together. To recap John’s Core elements are Life-Path 5; Birthday 4; Expression 6; Soul Urge 3, and Secret Self 8. This results in 5+4+6+3+8 = 26 – 2+6=8. As you have observed this is represented by the same as his Traditional Chart and Secret Self, which is Strength, and the Transformed Heart.

2 – The 21st component – Growth Number – Secondary (row 21)

The name generates 3 more elements to the Codes. The first is the Growth number. The Growth number is created through the letter value of the first name. In John’s case this is J=1 + O=6 + H=8 + N=5 = 20 2+0=2. This brings in the Archetype Universal Sub-consciousness or Cosmic Mind, which is represented by The High Priestess. As you can see in the list, The High Priestess also represents the Memory and Emotions, which is symbolized by the Moon and the Color Light Blue.
Another aspect is brought into John’s Codes, because his Growth Number of 2 is reached through the Number 20. Due to card 20 being Judgment, this has special relevance. The reason is Judgment is the Archetype for the element of Fire and John’s Chinese Medicine element is Fire. The Kabbalists only used 3 elements, Air, Water and Fire. They felt that Earth was a combination of the 3 and therefore not a separate element in its own right. Judgment also represents the planet Pluto and the Color Red.

11 – The 22nd component – Growth Number Codes – Secret (row 22)

On a deeper level the first name, first letter, and first vowel reveal more than traditional Numerology purports. In traditional Numerology, the Growth Number only uses the Numbers 1 to 9, plus the master Numbers 11 and 22, which only involves the first nine cards and Justice, The Fool, and The World in the Major Arcana. Instead if we include all 22 trumps or cards we reveal a very surprising result. John as we said in traditional Numerology produces a Growth number of 2, which equates to The High Priestess. But if we use all the cards then John’s Growth Number for the Codes is 11: J=10 +O=15 +H=8 +N=14 – This adds up to 47, which is further reduced 4+7=11 This is Archetypally represented by card 11 – Justice; Balance or Equilibrium, Venus, and the Color Green.

5 – The 23rd component – Middle Name (s) – Secret (row 23)

John’s middle name is Paul, which has the value 14. Numerologically this reduces thus: P=7+ A=1+ U=3+ L=3 to 5. This is represented Archetypally by the 1st Stage of the Higher Self, which is the same as John’s Life-Path. To recap: Checking the list above, we see that the number 5 is assigned to The Hierophant, the planet Venus, the Color Red-Orange, and the faculty of Intuition.

– The 24th component – Challenge Number – Secondary – Not Applicable (row 24)

11 – The 25th component – Maturity Number – Secondary (row 25)

As John is over 40, the Maturity Number applies. The Maturity Number is derived by adding together the Numbers of the Life-Path and Expression. Consequently, John’s Maturity Number is 5+6 = 11. This is Archetypally represented by the same image as his Codes Growth number, Justice.

1 – The 26th component – First Letter – Secondary (row 26)

John’s first letter is J, which in traditional Numerology has the value of 1. As in the Secret Chart, this is Archetypally represented by The Magician, which represents the Self-conscious, Intellect, Will, the planet Mercury, and the Color Yellow.

10 – The 27th component – First Letter Codes – Secret (row 27)

Applying the same process to the first letter as the Growth Number shows as you can see that J=10. This brings in the energy of Jupiter through card Number 10, The Wheel of Fortune. The Wheel of Fortune also represents the Color Violet, and the cycle of evolution and involution.

6 – The 28th component – First Vowel – Secondary (row 28)

15– The 29th component – First Vowel Codes – Secret (row 29)

The 26th and 27th components are both determined by the first vowel of the first name. But like the Growth Number and the first letter there are 2 ways they are calculated. In traditional Numerology, John’s first vowel O is valued at 6, which is archetypally represented by The Lovers, the same as his Expression.
In the Codes, John’s first vowel O is valued at 15, which brings in the Archetypal image of The Devil. The Devil evokes strong feelings, usually negative. Nonetheless, from an archetypal perspective, the Devil has a valuable lesson to teach. Firstly we should state that the trump or card 15 – The Devil represents what St. Paul called the natural body. The tails on the figures of the man and woman, signifying their animal natures, demonstrates this. This means that it is through the physical body that the Spiritual is obtained. The occult message of The Devil, according to Daphna Moore is that it is through the use of the body for physical sensation that an individual learns Spirituality. She writes, “The number of THE DEVIL card is 15, which indicates THE HIEROPHANT or 5, working through THE MAGICIAN, or 1. This tells the story so often told, that THE HIEROPHANT teaches man through the urges of the body for sensation until man has learned, by subduing his instincts, to listen to THE HIEROPHANT on a higher level than mere sensation.  That higher level, at its perfection, is shown in card 6, THE LOVERS, and 1 plus 5=6.” The Devil also represents the planet Saturn, and the Color Indigo.

Air – The 30th component – Secret Element – Secret (row 30)

The 30th component is calculated by which element is most prevalent in the Secret Chart. The 12 sun-signs are divided between the 4 elements. In John’s case the most prevalent element in the sun-signs is Air. The element Archetypally represents The Fool, Beginnings, Uranus, and the Color Light Yellow.

6 – The 31st component – Secret Trump – Secret (row 31)

The final component is also calculated through the Secret Chart. Each element of the Chart is given a value, which is added to the value of the sun-signs Tarot trump or card. For instance, the Ascendant is valued at 1, which in John’s case is added to the Number of the card that represents Taurus, which is 5. This is continued through all 11 elements until a final Number is reached. John’s Secret Trump is, as his chart shows, The Lovers. However, next to the component on the Chart is the Symbol for Saturn Saturn, which means that John’s Secret trump is reached through another card. For John, this is the same as his Code Vowel, The Devil.

Having determined all 31 components, we then calculate the 7 key elements for the 7 Disciplines: Number, Planet, Color, Trump, Stone, Symbol, and Note. If you refer to John’s chart, you will observe below a break down of the Planets and Colors. We have reproduced the relevant section of John’s chart below, which incorporate the totals for his chart. Let’s review:

Totals of John's chart

As you can see the Planet Venus is the most prevalent of the Planets, but that would not necessarily mean it is John’s Key Planet. To determine which are the Key Elements necessitates the use of both Inductive and Deductive reasoning.

First we look (Inductive) at the main chart’s primary features to determine which Number appears the strongest. In John’s case it is the Number 8, which is Archetypally represented by trump/card 8 – Strength. But checking the list we see that Strength represents the Sun, so shouldn’t the Sun be the Key Planet. As the above chart shows, the Sun appears 3 times in the Codes; whereas Venus appears 10 times; 5 solo and 5 secondary, but it is the Primary (Red) elements in the main chart which are the deciding factor. Going deeper (Deductive) we are moved to examine the Core elements again and we discover that Venus represents 60% of the Core Energy as well as appearing with Mercury in 30% through the Expression.

When we examine the 22 Major Arcana cards in later stages, we will discover that The Emperor is the consort of The Empress and these 2 cards are inextricably linked together. Consequently, because John’s Birthday is The Emperor, 100% of the Core Energy is connected to the Planet Venus. The final aspect that would clinch the Planet Venus being the Key Planet is our 4th discipline, Color. In the chart above, John’s Colors are 8 yellow and 8 green, which means they are equal. To separate the Key Color, we need to see which Color appears individually the most. Yellow appears individually twice; whereas Green appears 4 times. So as The Empress or Venus is assigned the Color Green, Venus is the Key Planet and Green the Key Color.

Once we have obtained the Codes for John through observation (Inductive), we then apply Deductive Reasoning to interpret them. The first thing that strikes us is the balance between the masculine/active and the feminine/passive energies. However, the most relevant information to John’s spiritual evolution is found in the prevalence of Archetypes; particularly The Emperor – Creator, and The Empress – Mother Nature. In spite of the repeated reference to the former, we would interpret the strongest influence on John as his Creative Imagination. His Key Number 8 also reveals a deeper purpose. In the list Daphna Moore assigns trump/card 8 – Strength to Intelligence of the Secret of all Spiritual Activities. Moreover, Strength represents the Transformed Heart. Still, it is through all 4 Disciplines of the Mystical Arts of Numerology, Astrology, Archetypal Images (Tarot), and Color that we see John’s potential.
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